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Reducing food waste by artificial intelligence

In collaboration with:

In the Wasteless project (started in Fall 2020) ProAnalytics works together with Oiwa Solutions Oy. We develop an artificial intelligence application, which predicts the daily number of people and the amount of food waste in a school restaurant. The objective is to reduce food waste in the restaurant.

The application is developed In the Microsoft Azure cloud environment. It can be used with any mobile device by a simple user interface. The core of the program is a machine learning algorithm which will learn to predict more accurately as more data is accumulated in the database. The application will be tested in Spring 2021.

Figure 1. Validation of the machine learning algorithm by the year 2019 data.

Figure 2. The feature importance of the input variables of the machine learning model. The number of people at the restaurant is affected by e.g. weather, student trips and the menu.