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Artificial intelligence as part of the procurement management system of Espoo city

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ProAnalytics is working together with SoulCore Oy to enhance the Espoo city procurement management system. We are developing an application which predicts the duration of a procurement project already in the planning phase of the project. The prediction of the project durations makes it possible to manage the resources more effectively.

There is a lot of variance in the duration of the procurement projects. The machine learning algorithm will identify the basic phenomena that affect the project duration most significantly. The application will show these correlations to the user as graphs. The algorithm will learn to predict more accurately as more data is accumulated into the database. It does not need human guidance in this learning process.

Figure 1. The user interface of the AI application.

Figure 2. The distribution of the procurement project durations.

Figure 3. Factors affecting the project duration.

Figure 4. The durations of the projects grouped by procurement types.